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Overview / History of the DOD LS330W, LS360W, LS430W - Depricated Models Below.

The DOD LS330W and LS430W have been great companions for any driver wanting superior road coverage at an affordable price.  DOD have now superseded these two models with the stunning LS360W and LS460W SHOWN ON THE RIGHT.  The LS360W and LS460W are the top of the range, with all of the earlier model LS430W functions, but with added ISO sensitivity for superior night time driving (in addition to WDR!) and a genuine Sony Exmor lens - placing these units as two of the best quality cameras in this price range.

For the full specification and to order the cameras - click the images on the right - if you want to know more about the earlier models which are no longer sold - but need an idea of how the units have progressed, then read on below.

Both models come with a window suction mount, the bracket on this is fully rotateable making this camera very easy to position in the ideal place to capture the road traffic situation ahead.  Suction mounted cameras are ideal for all types of vehicle, however they come into their own where there is a sharply sloping windscreen, or an inconveniently placed mirror with an enormous mounting on it. 

The external GPS on the LS330W (a GPS Mouse) is perfect for those owning a car with a heated front windscreen.  Windscreens containing filament wiring for frost and ice clearance, and also those with a metallic band across the top which acts as a sun visor can often cause interference with the satellite GPS signal causing a failure in the collection of the information whilst driving.  The GPS is built-in on the LS430W and the LS460W, and external on the LS360W which allows for better reception on certain windscreens..

All models come with WDR technology - this enables excellent nighttime / dark evening recordings - making buildings / pedestrians and other, inanimate objects, more clearly identifiable in poor light conditions.  The LS460W comes with an increased ISO range - combining WDR with High ISO sensitivity further improves night time vision.

Perhaps uniquely to the car cameras we have in stock is the HUD (Heads Up Display).  Instead of completely blanking the screen whilst in recording mode, the camera display can show directional and speed information (where GPS is enabled), a slick addition to an already smooth operating device.  Another feature of the HUD is a smart overspeed warning, which will alert the driver if he or she is moving faster than a speed which can be programmed by the owner (GPS enabled modes).

DOD WDR Low Light Car Cameras.

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LS330W Car Camera

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LS430W Car Camera with built in GPS.

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