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RoadHawk Car Camera Systems - for both personal and commercial use.  The professional car camera solution.

RoadHawk Cameras.

The video captured using a car camera during a road incident can be used as evidence in court.  The RoadHawk camera can be trusted to record the details and store them safely for presentation.  Long gone are the days when the liar had the upperhand - with this kind of device, it is simply an open and shut case.  Additional to the RoadHawk HD, there are a number of other models available which have been produced to accommodate different driver requirements.  See below for more details.

The RoadHawk camera models are show below.  Please read on for further details and specifications.

RoadHawk RH-2 Camera

RoadHawk RH-2 Camera

Above - the RoadHawk RH-2 In-car Camera.

The RH-2 car camera is supplied with software which reads the information from the unit and translates it into the display shown on the right.  It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc.  Please note this is not available for Apple Macintosh users.
The software integrates the RoadHawk camera with the GPS and Google Earth and there are no monthly or yearly payments or extra subscription fees to pay.

Software for RH-2 Car Camera


Video of the car cam Road Hawk RH-2 in action.  Press play to view (this is a low quality recording for showing maps and other information only - the real thing is far sharper and smoother).

Techincal Details

Digital Car Camera 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS 140 degree lens and 170 degree lens.
Video Resolution 640x480 x 2 each recording at 19 frames per second (providing total 38 frames per second)
Sound Recording Built-in Microphone / user chooses to record with or without sound
GPS Internal GPS module and aerial antenna
G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor (Collision, Q-Break, Q-accel detection)
Video and Information Storage SD Card from 512mb to 16GB SDHC format.
Input Power DC 8 volts - 36 volts

Overview of the RoadHawk RH-2

The RoadHawk RH-2 features GPS and Shock sensors along with a recording function for both forward video and rear-looking internal video capture.  The wide angle lenses give an overall captured view of an impressive 310 degrees.

Internal recordings made by the RoadHawk are aided using a built in infra red light.  This is perfect for taxi drivers or other public service drivers who require security even in the dark.  Should the driver wish to record an event on demand - a remote control is provided which when activated will store three minutes of data before and three minutes after activation.

Constant checking for impact is performed by the RoadHawk via incredibly sensitive g-force sensors which are built into the RH-2.

The RoadHawk RH-2 Camera Package.

1 x RoadHawk RH-2 Dual Camera
1 x Camera Window Bracket.
1 x Extra 3M VHB Sticky Pad
1 x RH-2 Suction Mount
1 x Remote Controller (wired)
1 x Power Cable (Lighter Plug Connector)
1 x 2gb Transferable SDHC Memory Card
1 x User Guide
1 x CD Software and Manual
1 x SDHC to USB Memory Card Reader/Adapter

For Reference.......   RoadHawk Car Camera RH1 Manual - RoadHawk RH2 Manual

RoadHawk DC-1 Camera

DC-1 Camera
The DC-1 Roadhawk camera as seen from behind.
Small and Compact - the RoadHawk DC-1

DC-1 Introduction

The RoadHawk DC-1 is a complete black box and video recorder in one package.  Videos taken through the windscreen are stored on an SD card for viewing later on a PC, events such as hard breaking, cornering and collisions are filed away in 20 second blocks of video with 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the event also stored. 

On the PC, Google maps is used to display the current location of the vehicle as the stored recording is played on the screen

Everything required to be up and running is provided in the package.

As long as your vehicle has a lighter socket available, then the supplied 5M cable will easily be able to connect the camera whether you have a small saloon or a large cabin HGV.

A memory card is provided with the DC-1 which can store upto 6 hours of video and can be upgraded if required to 32gb which will store around 48 hours of recorded footage.  This is ideal for long haul drivers or haulage companies who need to keep an entire journey on file as opposed to individual event clips or short distance drives.

New features of the current RoadHawk DC-1

The camera uses .MP4 videos for maximum compatibility between computers and operating systems.
Intuitive / easy to use software for viewing videos and map integration with google's online services.
Incorporates a new WDR camera for higher quality video and better low light recordings.
Parking mode allows security video to be taken when the car is left unattended - this function requires a constant power supply with the ignition off.
Take photographs aswell as video.
Small and compact design for discreet positioning on the windscreen.

The camera recordings can be used to fight insurance claims and help reduce the cost of premiums where your insurer has specified. -   - All Rights Reserved.