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DOD Champion SP1

The Champion SP1 - Ideal camera for motorsport racing drivers and videoing track days out.

DOD Champion SP1 MotorSport Recording Camera.

DOD have done it again, this time with the specialist sporting camera for recording car races, track day events and performance data from the perspective of the motorsport driver - behind the wheel.  The DOD Champion SP1 model includes many new features (listed below) which are more pertinent to the motorsport driver than those seen on other cameras.  With this in mind, if you are looking to record a race (ok, maybe not the next Grand Prix) you or a friend is participating in, then have a read up on the recording facilities this camera has to offer the racing driver as opposed to the normal commuting or commercial road user.

In another first, the Champion SP1 also supports the largest capacity memory cards we have ever encountered on a car dvr - a huge 128GB - allowing for the safe storage of upto 15 hours of full 1080p crystal clear race footage.  Rest assured, fitting this into the windscreen of a race vehicle will enable capture of video even at high speeds, due to the 720p 60fps setting which is available on the unit - ideal for smooth video even when the scenery is blurring past as the chequered flag approaches on the finishing line!

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Key Champion SP1 Sports Camera Features

Champion SP1  Lap Timings. 

DOD Champion SP1 Lap Timer.

Once driving begins from a starting position and a full lap is performed - the SP1 will be able to sense its completion and automatically display the best lap time and the current lap time.  The high speed GPS receiver is used to calculate the position and establish the location of the car on the race circuit.  This is a useful feature for time trials on a solo driving basis and also during race meetings.  No need to maintain a record of lap speed averages or fastest times using a fiddly stopwatch or a second person such as a steward to monitor your performance, just let the GPS do it all for you.

Speed acceleration testing. 

Acceleration Measurements.

The camera can be set to test the rate at which your car accelerates from 0 to a specific speed - for example 0-60mph in x seconds.  As this is the UK version the mph is available on our units.  So whether you are on a flat section of road with the direction of the wind coming from behind, or infront, your miles per hour readings will be determined using the time, position and speed of your vehicle as provided by the global positioning system.  Ideal for performance testing after a tune up of the engine.

Distance timer. 

The Quarter Mile Timer.

Measure and test your speed over a given distance with the quarter mile timer.  The specific usage of this feature is to measure car engine performance at different speeds, so as an example, you may need to measure the speed of the car and its rate of acceleration between 60mph and 100mph.  Once the options are configured, the Champion SP1 will start measuring at 60mph, and stop once 100mph is reached.  There are a number of settings available for trialling within this sports specific menu.

Braking distance and timed measurments for motorsport champions 

The DOD Champion SP1 Motorsport Braking Timer.

Speed isn't everything when it comes to the skill of the racing driver, as sharp corners loom the driver has to anticipate them and apply the brakes as precisely the correct moment in order to navigate the course within the optimum parameters.  The braking timer shows how the car brakes are performing between a pair of reducing speeds - for example 60mph - 0mph measurements can be taken which include the overall braking time for the speed reduction, and also the distance covered during the braking procedure.  A best elapsed measure in minutes and seconds is displayed along with the latest test as an indicator of an increase or decrease in performance.

Large Screen 

LCD Screen

Some cameras come with a screen, some don't and opinions vary as to the necessity of having one and whether or not they are worthwhile.  In the case of the DOD Champion, a screen is essential for the real-time display of the important race information and collated statistical data currently being investigated.  Using the screen the driver does not need to connect to a computer to view the results in terms of either the video playback or the track data.  The large 2.7" LCD screen makes reading the information easy due to the clarity and size of the display.


Wide dynamic range is available. 

WDR for Dark Driving or Rally Championship Racing.

The requirement for clear recording in the dark does not only apply to daytime race track events.  Often rally drivers will drive throughout the night through extremely dark country lanes where there are no street lights to help the camera and no other cars headlamps to provide light either.  In these circumstances the WDR or Wide Dynamic Range capability enhances the incoming images and video to produce clearer output at playback time than those cameras which do not have the technology incorporated.

Heads Up Display for drivers 

HUD - Real-time Racing or Normal Driving Information.

At any point during a race or time trial, a driver can quickly glance at the HUD and read details such as the current speed (note that the image shows KPH however the camera is programmed to display MPH or KPH depending on the user preferences).  A speed warning and also the current navigational heading is indicated via a compass graphic showing North South East and West points.

Real Glass 

Glass Lenses - the Lens used by Champions!

Many older cameras have been produced using inferior plastic lenses.  Whilst we don't sell these - they are available elsewhere.  When competition driving the last thing you would want is to end up with fuzzy blurred video.  The clear glass lenses in the DOD Champion pass through the light rays with very little loss and straight onto a specially developed for DOD Sony Sensor.

Massive 128GB Cards in the Champion SP1 

Full Race Track Recordings and Long Distance Rallies - No Problem.

Whilst it may not always apply to motorsport enthusiasts, due to overall race duration's being time and distance restricted, it is well worth noting that this is our first ever device which supports memory cards upto 128GB (image shown is the middle of the road 64GB card).  For drivers wanting to record extremely long journeys from "door to door" - rather than having to replace the SD card or rely on loop recording which inevitably deletes sections of the journey, upto 15 hours of uninterrupted video can be stored on a single memory chip.

Rapid 10x Speed GPS 

10 x Speed GPS on the DOD Champion Motorsports Dash Cam.

The latest built in processor is the fastest 10X speed GPS unit we have ever sold with a refresh rate of a stunning 10 times per second.  Whatever the driving conditions the coordinates are rapidly and accurately determined.

Additionally, precise local time is calibrated automatically no matter which country in the world you are in.  In addition, with the heads up speed displayed, 10X speed update data rate overrides stroke-by-stroke car speed capture meaning there is no longer any lagging in the information displayed.

ISO Setting 

ISO Sensitivity is Increased to 3200.

Pushing the boundaries once more, DOD have increased the sensitivity on the Champion  SP1 to a previously unheard of 3200.  In conjunction with the WDR, the 6 glass lens and overall 1080p quality, the owner can adjust the ISO to the exact required setting producing the best results for the low light levels.  The higher the number, the more sensitive the unit, as most photographers will be aware this tends to increase noise or graininess in the final production - however the option to adjust is there if it should be needed.



New SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor


3 Axis, 4G

GPS Included


Wide angle Lens

140 degrees

Display Type

2.7 16:9 TFT LCD

Video Resolution

1920 x 1080(30fps)
1280 x 720(60fps)
1280 x 720(30fps)
848 x 480(30fps)
640 x 480(30fps)

Image Resolution

2048 x 1536
2592 x 1944
3264 x 2448
3648 x 2736
4032 x 3024



Video Format


Recording media

Micro SDHC/SDXC(up to 128GB)


Mic and Speaker(Mono)Equipped

Shutter button

Electronic shutter

Shutter speed

1/2 - 1/1000 second

Video Output

HDMI:CTS1.2 Compliant, 1080p/720p/WVGA/VGA output
mode Composite : NTSC/PAL

Connection Ports

USB 2.0 / HDMI / TV


3.7V 250mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery


High Speed USB 2.0

Size / Weight

112.5 (L) x59.5 (width) x37.4 (H) mm / 100g (0.22lbs)


-25C ~ 65C

Summary of Features.

The very first Car camera utilizing the SONY exclusively designed image sensor
Support for brighter ISO up to 3200
Firmware has automatic Fat 32 formatting for larger cards
Acceleration Times (0-100km/h,100-200km/h,60-250km/h,0-60mph,0-120mph)
Sports Lap Timer
Mile Timer (0-400 metres)
WDR Technology - Clearer Videos in Any Light
10x Rapid Speed GPS antenna
Braking Distance Testing (100-0km/h,60-0mph)
Hot Key for operating in Racing Mode
Path Analysis
Champion SP1 specific DOD GPS Player V2.0
F1.6 Big Aperture - Super Low Light Performance
140 Wide View Angle
Fully Automatic Time Calibration via GPS
HUD Compass and Speed Display
Smart speed warning option
6G sharp glass lens
Password protection facility
FULL HD 1080P at 30FPS or 720p at 60FPS
2.7" 16:9 Widescreen Display
G-sensor automatic trigger for file lockdown
Manual SOS files locking function
Start and record automatically function
Motion Detection video recording functions
Loop recording, Time and date Stamp

You do not have to have the camera stamp the video with Speed - this is optional and set by the owner / driver.

Additional Data for your Reference.
DOD Champion SP1 User Guide
DOD Champion SP1 Features Document in Detail
Champion SP1 Software Manual (Player)
PC Windows Software (Player)
MAC Software (Player)

Still not sure?  Watch our videos of the SP1 Champion in action - just a couple of short day and night clips below.  A couple of things to bear in mind - these are on Youtube - so please take the time to click on the small cog icon in the bottom right hand corner to set the video quality to full hd if it is not automatically set for you.  Additionally, the things to focus on........ just look at how sharp the number plates are - day and night - the SP1 is a remarkable camera.



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