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DOD LS360W Car Dash Camera.

The LS360W is specifically designed for vehicles with heated front windscreens - the moveable GPS mouse allows the owner to position it away from the filaments thus avoiding interference with reception.

The LS360W camera is ideal for everyday driving purposes such as shopping, school runs, commuting to and from the workplace etc. and is also a great choice for holiday driving at home or abroad to take scenic movies whilst at the same time providing 1st class video protection against poor drivers.

This forward facing unit uses a separate (and optional) GPS mouse which connects to the camera via a thin cable.  The benefit of this is that the actual receiver can be placed away from the camera to a location where it may achieve better reception from the satellite in certain vehicles.  This separation of the receiver also has the added benefit of making the installation slightly easier and potentially tidier as the main camera unit is smaller and able to fit in tighter places (such as behind the mirror) than those with a built in GPS, which tends to protrude slightly from the top of similar cameras.

A choice of two mounts are provided with the camera - both sticky and suction cup based, ideal for those not wishing to permanently adhere a sticky pad based mount to the windscreen.  The suction mount can also be used to easily move the LS360W from one car to another if this is a requirement.

As with all our in car cameras, the DOD LS360W is powered by a single cable which runs from the cigarette lighter socket to the camera and is long enough to go underneath passenger carpets, up the windscreen pillars, across the top of the windscreen and into the camera.

Authentic DOD Reseller

DOD LS360W Features and Functionality Details.

HD DOD LS360W Camera Settings 

Let the camera record the road ahead in full true 1080p as you concentrate on doing the driving.

Large 2.7 inch screen on camera 

A large 2.7 inch screen allows you to view the videos and configure the LS360W camera settings whilst on the move - rather than have to use a home computer.

Car Camera with High ISO 

Extra sensitive ISO settings cater for even darker surroundings.  The higher the number, the more detail the camera can "see".  With a top setting of 3200 ISO the DOD LS360W is ultra light sensitive.

Sony Exmor 

With a 20% larger sensor (this is the Sony Exmor) the camera can capture more detail than those with lesser sophisticated technology.

Files Protected 

When driving, you may wish to lock a recording to protect it from being overwritten by looping.  Ideal way of using a car camera to trap dangerous driving even if you're not involved.

Sense Motion 

In motion detect mode, the camera will only record whilst motion is being sensed.  This saves on memory - note that this will require power.

Personalise LS360W Videos 

Personalise the videos with a name or number plate.  This is useful for commercial purposes to record who was driving or which vehicle was being used when a video was produced.


In a collision, the sensors within the camera will trigger a protective lock on the files being created.  This is an automatic method similar to the manual lock descibed above left.

Time Updates 

If the GPS mouse is connected, then the time on the camera will automatically update itself to be constantly accurate.

LS360W Maximum Speed Warning 

The DOD LS360W car camera can be configured with a maximum speed value.  If this is exceeded, (and the camera has GPS connected), then a warning sound is issued.

LS360W High Speed Camera 

High speed connection to the global positioning system signals - hardly any delay.  With rapid updates the cam is able to display a real-time compass on the heads up display which shows the direction of motion.

LS360W Password 

Password protect your DOD LS360W to prevent tampering should this be a potential issue.


(Above - the content shows both cloudy day and also night time driving clips for reference - always set the video to play at FULL HD resolution to see how brilliantly the LS360W performs.)

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