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BlackVue car camera equipment  is great value for money but  uses high spec components and the latest technology.

BlackVue DR400G HD II (Version 2)

This BlackVue in-car camera is the DR400G HD II.  It is ideal for personal use, and also recognised as a robust offering for commercial use such as within the transport industry.  Users of this camera include taxi companies, light van drivers and HGV operators.  The main feature specification is shown below.

BlackVue DR400G HD In-Car Camera

High-definition Video

The BlackVue DR400G is equipped with a dedicated lens which contributes to the reproduction of a sharp and natural image in Full HD (1920x1080@30fps).

Smart phone / PC viewer

The camera kit comes with BlackVue-specific PC software and a smart phone specific (for Android) application. Also included are various ways to check the video or change configuration settings according to your requirements..

Normal Recording

Standard camera recording in the car - with the owner starting and stopping as required.

Parking Recording

Automatic parking mode is provided. If the movement of the vehicles is not detected for a pre-determined period of time (by G-sensor), the mode automatically switches to parking mode. If the movement of the vehicle continues, the parking mode is automatically cancelled. In the parking mode recordings are made only when a movement is detected by the camera (motion detection) or an impact is imparted.

Event (G-Sensor) Recording

When an impact occurs to your car whilst you are driving, the BlackVue DRG400G's builtin G-sensor detects this automatically and starts creating a video recording the event.

Sound Recording

As the BlackVue contains a built-in microphone, the surrounding sounds are also stored when the video scenes are recorded and saved.

Video analysis using multiple external devices

You can record the video in the common MP4 formats and play it back using various compatible players available on many computers, such as those running Windows.XP, Vista, 7 etc.

GPS Data Recording

Powerful sensitive GPS that is embedded in the device records the vehicle's speed
and coordinates whenever recording is in progress. In addition, it is possible to use
the GPS data in conjunction with the BlackVue software and Google Maps to plot
the vehicle's navigation path (when connected to the Internet).

Loop Video Storage

Once the SD card becomes full, the BlackVue will delete the oldest file and use that space for the current video.  This process is continually repeated, so you will never run out of memory and miss the important event.

Software for BlackVue
Map With GPS

Internal Camera

CMOS sensor / 2,073,600 pixels


FULL HD at 1920 x 1080p

Frame Rate

30 Frames Per Second

Video Compression Type




View Angle

Diagonal: 120 : Horizontal: 98 : Vertical: 55


Micro SD card (Maximum 32GB)


Built In

Recording Functions

Normal Recording,
Event (G-Sensor) Recording,
Parking Recording (Motion Detection Algorithms)

Video Output



Diameter : 32.0 mm (1.26 inch)
Length : 102.8 mm (4.04 inch)
Weight : 86 g

Power Supply

12V / 24V DC

Power Consumption

Max. 4W

Operating Temperature

-20C ~ 60C


A Must Read for BlackVue Customers.

BlackVue DR400G User Manual

The Full BlackVue PDF Brochure.

The above documents contain all you could wish to know about the DR400G car cam.  Please allow time to download after clicking.



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