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Small and Compact FineVu CR300 HD Video Recorder.

FineVu CR300 HD

The FineVU CR300 HD car camera is a highly compact, lightweight yet sturdy camera used for everyday driving aswell as commercial transportation.  The video quality produced is high definition at full 1080p which on its own produces stunning video, but in addition, this model records at 30 frames per second meaning those extra sharp images also play back with unsurpassed smoothness and clarity.

FineVu CR-300 HD
CR300 HD Car Camera Photo
Screen Capture  video in playback.


One year warranty included.

FineVu CR300 HD Black Box Camera Features

Clear video quality
 16:9 widescreen and full HD video recording plus HD still image capture
 CMOS sensor with 1920x1080 effective pixels
 High resolution, 112 horizontal wide angle camera lens
 Adjust the brightness of the video upto three levels at night / in the dark
Various recording / operating modes
 Normal recording while driving
 Shock recording while driving
 Shock recording while parking
 Recorder uses motion detection while parked
 Recording with the built-in/external battery
 Emergency video recording
 Taking pictures
 Recording while parking
 Detection feature to prevent the vehicle battery from discharging
Voice recording and audio output
 Clear audio recording with a high sensitivity microphone fitted
 Clear sound output with a speaker (built in)
Built-in battery
 Even when the ignition is turned off, the built-in battery enables the black box to record video (max. 4 mins)
 The built-in battery supplies power to the RTC (Real Time Clock): You can set the system time with the setup program after connecting the unit to the PC.

Real-time video display
 View video in real-time on the VGA screen.
 Use this feature when adjusting the recording angle after installation.
Easy installation
 Auto screen rotation regardless of horizontal or vertical installation
 Easy removal of the black box from the mount
Quick and easy connection to the PC
 Direct connection with the memory and files via the USB port
 Auto recognition of USB storage devices under XP/Vista/7 and 8 versions of windows
 Installation and setup/configuration program provided
 Playback video recordings with a normal video player such as windows media player
Expand the available  memory
 You can easily expand the memory using an external memory card (16 GB/ 32 GB micro SD)
Memory management
 You can allocate portions of memory space for each recording mode you wish to utilise
(default: Normal recording 50% / Shock and Parking recording 50%)

FineVu CR300 HD Techincal Details

Model Name

FineVu Digital CR-300HD

Colour/ Size / Weight

Black and Chrome / 39x64x50mm / 88g

Memory Accepted

Micro SD 16GB/ 32GB Class 6 or newer advised

Video Camera Recording Methods Included

Normal recording (1080p 30fps) Records video in 3 minute length files.
Impact Recording Records video 5 seconds before and 35 seconds after impact (40 seconds in total).
Emergency recording Records video 5 seconds before and 55 seconds after impact (1 minute in total)

An additional device needs to be installed in vehicles that do not
support uninterrupted power.
Auto recording when the ignition is off Records video 5 seconds before and 55 seconds after impact (1 minute in total)

Still Image Capturing


Angle of lens view

Diagonal 129/ Horizontal 112/ Vertical 63


1920x1080 FULL HD 1080p 30fps 16:9 WIDE


Built-in microphone
Built-in speaker 8 ohms

Acceleration sensor

3-Axis acceleration sensor +2 g/ -2 g

Input power

DC 12 V USB 5V supported (external battery)


Built-in Li-Polymer battery

Power consumption

Max. 2 W Max. 3 W when charging


Operating 0C ~ 55C / Storage 20C ~ 60C


USB 1.1/ 2.0 Mini B type DC JACK 3.5

Video output

TV/ Navigation device output

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