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Large Screen
Side on View of the LS470W+
Polarizing Filter available on the LS470W+
Technical Specification

DOD LS470W+ Car Camera with Polarizing Filter Included.

The eagerly awaited LS470W+ from DOD is finally here - complete with its polarizing filter to reduce those unwanted reflections for those vehicles which tend to project them onto the windscreen.

DOD have produced some of our very best performing cameras over the years and the DOD LS470W+ is the latest (as of February 2016) addition to their growing range.

Up until this point, DOD devices have typically relied on a small hood type lens cover which protrudes slightly over the top of the lens itself to reduce reflections, however most of these come in from glass below the camera rather than above, so whilst  there is a small reduction, the overall effect is minimal.  With the introduction of the CPL filter (Circular Polarizing Filter), the owner has the opportunity to operate with it in place or detatched - depending on conditions - so whilst driving at night, the owner may prefer to remove it, although degredation of night time video quality is actually minimal due to the high quality Seven glass lens, WDR AND increased ISO flexibility.

Increased Overall Performance and Features of the DOD LS470W+.

Take a look at some of the features onboard this car camera, the list is both long and impressive.

Standard Points We Already Expect From DOD Dash Cams.

Advanced WDR Technology produces stunning video in all light conditions.

SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor

Large f/1.6 Aperture for extra performance in the dark

G-Sensor Automatically Triggers Prevention of File Deletion (locking)

Automatically Begins Recording when Powered on.

Loop Recording for Continuous Cover

Date/Time Stamping on Videos

Password Protection

Parking Mode

GPS Time Calibration

On-Screen Head Up Display (Direction and Speed)

New with the LS470W+

7G Sharp Glass Lens

Incorporates the Japanese made 7 Element sharp lens, made up of 7 separate layers of glass, provides stunning clear and (importantly) non-deformed video.

An Expanded ISO Range Up to ISO 12800

At the time of writing, the LS470W+ has the highest available ISO setting for any dash cam.  The benefit of this is the increased pickup of detail when there is virtually no light available for the camera.  The ISO changes its setting automatically to achieve the best brightness recording depending on conditions.

Adjustable Circular Polarizing Filter

See the image on the left to see how the polarizing filter reduces reflections on the video recordings.  The angle of the filter can be changed by rotation and the filter itself can be completely removed from the camera if it is not required in any given vehicle.

150 Ultra Wide View Angle

Brand new for this model, the 150 degree angle captures more detail from the periphery than any other camera we have seen to date.  This helps with recording pedestrians and cyclists for a slightly longer period of time as you pass them by due to them spending a little more time in the range of the lens.

3" 16:9 Widescreen Display

The large screen on the reverse of the unit puts many others to shame, although naturally we also think the LS460W screen is a great feature on that particular unit, this one is even larger making menu operations and video viewing easier than ever before.  This is not a gimmick - for those of us who use reading glasses, some of the cheaper cameras with tiny screens are impossible to use if you don't have them handy.  On top of this, the oversized screen enables the owner to view the recordings with more clarity than ever before - even reducing the need to transfer the files to computer to double check the contents.

High-Efficiency Battery (up to 3 hours with the backlight off)

We often suggest that cameras are powered from the vehicle and that a battery is generally useful only for powering the camera down - but with a super large internal battery, the LS470W+ can operate for longer durations than any other camera we have stocked.  This is perfect for short stay shopping trips and can help in two ways.

First of all, the battery may negate the need for a hardwire, because if you're satisfied with around three hours of recording being more or less sufficient to cover most of your needs, then the battery will do the job rather than wiring the camera to the fusebox and having to concern yourself with vehicle battery protection.

Secondly, the camera can be reliably removed from the car and used to video the scene of an accident if required.

Note that batteries DO deplete in their storage capacity over time and 3 hours will reduce as the years go by - this reduction applies to ALL batteries in all models of camera.

10X Speed GPS Processor

The GPS information on the device is refreshed at an astonishing 10 times per second.  This is far faster than most GPS systems found in dash cameras and ensures that the information stamped onto the video (if applied) is bang up to date.  In addition - this data is fed through to the heads up display instantly, therefore providing an accurate speed reading at any given instant in time.

Path Analysis

Path analyzing is a brand new feature which shows the distance, time taken, and average driving speed of your journey from point A to point B. Using this, you can find out the shortest or fastest route from your home to place of work for example. It's therefore potentially a very economical and practical way to save your time and fuel consumption.

How to Buy the DOD LS470W+

This camera approaches the top of the range in dash cam technology due to its outstanding features and performance which place it firmly and justifiably in the upper price bracket for single lens forward facing devices.  The camera is designed for those drivers who require high quality and consistent/reliable footage capture.  It is a high spec unit as opposed to some competitor cameras priced around the 80 mark and below.

The camera comes with a DOD two year warranty, and having dealt with this popular brand for a number of years we are more than confident of their performance when it comes to excellent service on all fronts - including warranties.

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