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iTronics ITB 100

The iTronics ITB 100 HD creates superbly sharp video in full 1080p High Definition.  Its array of features make it one of the most cost effective car black box systems on sale at this time.

iTronics ITB 100 HD in car video camera.
Itroncis rear view.

iTronics ITB 100 - Features and Options.

The iTronics ITB100 black box stores exceptional quality HD video with a screen ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1921 x 1080p pixels.  At 24 frames per second the camera is more than fast enough to produce smooth running video showing everything you could require in the event of an accident.

A 2 mega pixel digital camera sensor records at 144 degrees diagonally across the field of view and stores video in the commonly used H.264 format which results in a high compression rate for optimal use of available memory and portability between display devices such as the PC or MAC.

Mapping software installed on the PC runs alongside the files created by the car camera as it is recording.  The GPS stores location and speed and can later pinpont the location on the map at anytime during the recorded journey.

When the camera is placed into what is known as "parking mode", it "waits" for an event to happen either via the shock sensors or motion infront of the lens.  Video is then stored of the actual event.  This prevents the overuse of memory by stopping the recording of - for example - an empty car park for as long as you are away from the vehicle.

If there is a sudden loss of power to the camera, such as may occur in an accident, the camera will automatically save the files it was currently recording before it shuts down.

Cycled recording is used on long journeys where the size of the video being produced is greater than the memory available.  This means that the camera will re-use memory taken up by old footage as required - ensuring that important event and accident video is the latest to be stored on the cameras memory card.

The iTronics ITB 100 HD has a built in microphone to record sound.  The sound recording however is optional and can be switched off should the user require video with no sound.  This can be an important issue for reasons of privacy in some circumstances.

Video out provides a connection to a screen allowing the video which is being recorded on the iTronics camera to be seen in real-time inside the car.

iTronics ITB 100 Techincal & Package Information.

ITB 100 in the Box.

In The Box - 1-Camera, 2-Power Cable, 3-User Manual, 4-SD Card Reader, 5-Mounting Bracket, 6-Adhesive Tape, , 7-Cable Fixers,  8-Memory(8GB), 9-Software CD.


1 / 2.7" Large CMOS

Pixel / Angle

2 Mega Pixels 144 Degrees

Compression Method


Variable Video Resolution

Full HD 1920 x 1080, HD 1280 x 720, D1 720 x 480.

Variable Frame

15, 24, 30 F/s

Three Axis Acceleration/Im pact Sensor

Built In

Automatic Running Mode



Built In

Video Out

Supported (NTSC)

Voice Recording

MIC Built In

Rated Power

DC 12 - 24v


Built In


96.2mm(l) x 40.44mm(h) / 80g

Act Temperature

-20 Degrees C to 70 Degrees C

ITB In Car Next to Gearstick.

Sold Out 259.99

One year warranty and free delivery included.


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