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How can a car camera benefit you?

Todays car drivers comprise a shocking combination of those who care and those who don't.  In the UK - we have insurance companies bleating on about how their costs are soaring due to theft and accident increases - whilst on the other hand, we have the Police revealing their figures claiming they are reducing car crime.  Basically we, the honest public and genuine drivers are being hammered, and are - due to lies and greed - completely in the dark about what is really going on.

A car camera can ensure that you do not become a victim of the criminals out there who cause crime for either a) Profit or b) Utter stupidity.  When an accident occurs which involves a person of good intentions and integrity and also a criminal, the criminal will lie and cheat without care or worry until they get their way.  The fact of the matter is, that here in the UK, crime pays and it pays big.  Installing a video car camera will ensure that these drivers cannot harm your good standing with insurance companies and the police.  Once an incident is captured on camera, you keep it to yourself.  Never let the criminal know you have the footage.  Simply exchange details and part company - then get in touch with the law and car insurance companies and give over all the evidence you have.  With any luck - the other party will be prosecuted as a result of your evidence and your insurance premiums won't budge - they won't have a leg to stand on.

As mentioned above, stupidity is also the cause of many road related incidents.  This comes in two main forms, a) Careless driving or b) Dangerous/Selfish driving.

You will find that once again, in an incident caused by either of these types of driving, the other party will lie through their teeth to get off the hook.  Often they will behave in an intimidating or threatening manner even when they know they are in the wrong.  Yet again, the driver with a car camera positioned in their car and recording footage will be ideally positioned to thwart any attempt by the other person to incriminate you or pass blame onto you.  Some instances where the camera is highly effective include.

1.  A driver reverses into you but claims you drove into the back of them.  Case closed - other driver is a proven liar and in some cases may be prosecuted for a range of offences including fraud as in "crash for cash" scams.

2.  A driver slams his brakes on in front of you and claims he had to stop because of an obstruction.  Case closed - the camera will record everything, so if there was no obstruction this will be a clear case of the other driver deliberately causing the accident in order to make an insurance claim.

3.  Driver claims you were on the wrong side of the road and caused accident.  This can happen quite frequently for various reasons such as pedestrian problems, traffic queues etc.  Case closed - the car camera will record EXACTLY where on the road you are - clearly showing the white lines.

4.  Witness - if you are a witness to an accident involving vehicles ahead of you - your information could prove invaluable to the police.  No persons can dispute your testimony given the hard evidence stored on camera.


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