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The Future of In-Car Camera Technology here today.

The RoadHawk HD Car Camera

The RoadHawk HD car camera viewed from the front.

Running the RoadHawk HD Software

Software used by the RoadHawk HD - Shows Speed and Mapping data.

Rear View of RoadHawk HD

Rear View with LED's and Memory Card Slot.

Ports View

Side on showing ports.

The Complete RoadHawk HD Camera Package - in the box and supplied with the camera.

RoadHawk Mounts

Windscreen Mounts

Memory Reader

USB Memory Reader

External GPS
RoadHawk Software for HD Camera

RoadHawk Software CD

GPS Antenna

Power Lead
Sticky Cable Tidies

Lighter Socket Power Lead

Cable Tidies

RoadHawk HD Features.

Equipped with Extra High Performance Video Lens & Image Sensor : Produces and stores unrivalled quality Full 1080p HD video with increased low light ability for night time driving or darkened conditions.

Internal EIS Image Stabilisation anti-shake : Gyroscope controlled EIS results in exceptionally sharp and smooth playing video image quality enabling the easy retrieval of number plates and other finer details.

The RoadHawk HD has a 5X Faster GPS Frefresh : Built-in 5hz GPS Receiver updates a staggaring 5 times each second to produce virtually realtime GPS data for use by the mapping software. Comes supplied with an internal and an external GPS antenna which ensures reliable and consistent data collection.

Wide Dynamic Range : The WDR Sensor offers the highest quality video in all driving conditions. WDR produces excellent low light video recording performance capability.

Software is MAC & PC Compatible : The RoadHawk viewing software is now supported on MAC and PC operating systems.  Playback includes Video, GPS, Google Maps, Speed and G-Force sensor information.  The system is easy to install and intuitive to use - even for those with little or no computer experience.

SDXC Memory Compatible: Supports the latest high speed and high storage capacity SDXC memory cards for the preservation of longer journey videos and the associated data.

Fixings Supplied : Fixed adhesive windscreen mounts are included in the package.   Camera is fitted with a standard 1/4" thread for universal installation and custom position requirements. Suction mounts are also available should they be required - however the fixed system is recommended in order to reduce over vibration through a rubber suction cup.

Loop Recording : Records video on a repeating loop, but preserves 1 minute 'event' files triggered by the G-Force sensors should the ocur.

Technical Details for the RoadHawk HD

Creates Video at : 1080p (30 frames/second) or 720p (30 or 60 frames/second)
Sound : Adjustable sensitivity microphone (internal) plus external mic in (3.5mm jack socket)
Video Encoding : H.264 .MP4 Files with embedded G-Force and GPS information.
Bitrate : Adjustable from 4M bits to 12M bits inclusive.
Looping Mode : 1 Min length files record a constant loop with event file locking.
Normal Mode : Up to 30 minutes video files without looping or file locking
GPS : 5Hz GPS receiver with internal antenna and fast connecting external option
External GPS : Waterproof magnetic fixing external GPS antenna.
Range of Power Input: 12v to 24v 5m lighter socket cable provided.
EIS : Gyroscope controlled electronic image stabilisation and correction
G-Force : 3D G-force Sensor installed (variable sensitivity)
Internal Power : 2 super capacitors to ensure safe camera shutdown on loss of power.
Memory : Internal 2GB DRAM plus SDXC card compatible for longer recordings.
Camera Sensor : High Specification Aptina sensor with WDR
Lens : Wide angle 135 degree lens (@720p resolution)
Camera Mount Types : Standard RoadHawk HD Adhesive mounting and the additional option of the " camera thread for suction type mount brackets. -   - All Rights Reserved.