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The Reversing Camera gives the driver the ability to see lower down towards the area behind the vehicle in situations where small obstacles could damage the cars bumper or lights if they were hit.  Most commonly this is useful for the garage when the owner reverses the car into position, but places such as superstore car parks with low bollards, parking sign poles and abandoned shopping trolleys are a potential driving hazzard which is easily addressed with a reversing car camera.

The reversing camera is ideal for many different types of vehicle, not just the car.  Vehicles which can utilise the camera to great benefit include cars, vans, lorries, horse boxes, caravans, trailers, 4x4's, motorhomes and HGV's.

Often, when reverse parking, it is very easy to misjudge exactly how much space you have behind you as you manouver into the parking space.  Using a reversing camera helps you literally zoom in on the rear of your car as you approach the point where you can no longer go any further.  This means that instead of struggling with a clear 20 inches to spare, you can take your car right up to the last inch.

The Americam K1 Car Reversing Camera.

K1 - For Small Cars / Saloons.

Americam Reversing Camera for Small Cars.
Car Reversing Camera Screen

Flush Mount Car Reversing Camera. 

The top brand Americam car reversing system is available in different models and configurations depending on the user requirement/vehicle.  Our complete K1 kit is ideal for the family car, excluding 4x4 type vehicles such as the BMW X5, Range Rover or Land Rover Discovery.

Installation is relatively easy and most people finish the job in around 40 minutes.

The K1 system comprises a 22mm flush mounted camera which can easily positioned and installed using the supplied fitting tool. Only one connection is attached to the cars reversing light electrical circuit and ground. A 3/16" connector is then fed through the vehicle to the front where it is plugged into the 3.5 inch stylish monitor screen. There are no additional connections involved.

The camera will begin to send its image to the screen the second the car is placed into reverse gear, as it is activated from the reversing lights.  The screen will switch off once the car is taken out of reverse.

This is one of the fastest kits to install available on the market today.

The K1 system includes the following items

1 x Rear Mounting Camera - Flush Fitting in Black
1 x In-Car Screen  - 3.5 inch Viewable Area
1 x Set of Simple Connecting Cables
1 x Handy Hole Saw & Fixing Kit
1 x Installation Instruction Guide


Ready to Go Car Reversing Camera Kit 180 including 12 month warranty and free postage.


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