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Mio Combo Sat Nav and Camera.

Mio have been in the car camera market for a number of years and to date have produced some popular models which incorporate the standard features customers generally expect from their devices - such as full HD and GPS.

However Mio have now introduced the Mio Combo Sat Nav and Camera range (of two units) to their expanding portfolio of devices which caters for the needs of drivers for whom a recording is required, but they do not wish to be cluttering up their windscreens with additional sat nav devices and separate cameras.

We have often had people making enquiries about such camera sat nav combo's so mio's contribution to the market comes as no surprise and a very welcome addition.  What is surprising though is the pricing - the cost of a combination unit is almost the same as buying a stand-alone camera with all the bells and whistles.  The addition of a GPS navigation system (which would normally cost between 70 and 100 upwards if purchased as a separate unit) has barely touched the overall price of a camera!

Drivers can now benefit from a reduction of windscreen clutter where the Sat Nav and Camera are essential parts of their driving requirements.  In addition to this, there are less cables to route and have dangling around the dashboard area, there is only the need to remove one device if leaving the vehicle parked in an undesireable area where theft could be an anticipated problem.

Aswell as being advanced by virtue of combining the technologies of video and sat nav into one unit, each camera is operated via a very intuitive design of menu via a touch screen system - making changes to your settings and viewing modes easy to perform without the need of hard to reach buttons when the camera is inplace on the windscreen.  Along with this, the units come with free lifetime updates to the navigational mapping components via download over the internet.

Be sure to read the specifications of each camera to ensure that the facility you require is available on the chosen device.

Mio Combo Sat Nav Car Camera Combination Range.

Mio Combo 5107 LM Car Camera and Sat Nav 




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