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Mio Combo 5107 LM EU Car Camera
Mio Combo 5107 Camera

(Above - the front and rear of the Mio Combo 5107 LM)

Screen on the Mio Combo

(Above - the screen showing video playback)

Mio Combo 5107 LM EU Sat Nav

(Above - Combo 5107 installed showing mapping display whilst driving)

Software player for the Mio Combo 5107 LM Sat Nav

(Above - pc software for video playback of captured footage)

Mio 5107 User Guide.


The Mio Combo 5107 LM EU is a combined dual car camera sat nav system, GPS tracker and satellite navigation system all in one device.  Let the Mio Combo 5107 LM EU guide you to your destination whilst at the same time create video of what other road users are doing ahead of your vehicle.

Being a "guide to navigation" rather than a stand alone camera means that there is more flexibility in allowance when it comes to placing the camera on the windscreen of the vehicle, as naturally the maps on the display need to be in clear view of the driver.

The GPS will track your location as you travel. The built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver automatically detects and records your driving position on the video, including the vehicle speed, altitude, longitude, latitude & directional orientation.

The Mio Combo 5107 LM comes complete with updates to the mapping data for life, so there is no worry about new maps coming along or road changes which cause confusion to the GPS when the data is out of sync with the actual roads. To install new maps, simply connect the Combo 5107 LM to your home or office computer and install the MioMore desktop software to check when updates are available and ready for download.  The service can be used upto four times each year.

Safety cameras (or speed cameras) are also tracked by the Mio Combo range and updates to their locations are available for download to the camera aswell - ensuring you are always informed of the correct locations when out on the road.

Recording begins when you turn the key to start your vehicle and stops when you turn off the engine. Settings also allow you to choose to have the device always recording, when power is available when the ignition is off.

IQ Routes™ capability collects real-life information from other drivers and optimises your route based on the data received, allowing you to avoid potential heavy traffic congestion and delays on every journey.

When the G-sensor detects sudden motion, MiVue will save and lock the event recording to protect it from being deleted/overwritten. The integrated 3-axis Sensor records G-forces, which show the direction and force of accident impacts.

The LearnMe Pro™ monitors and over time, learns your driving style, providing you with personalised journey routes that suit your preferences. You will see the improvement in your routes and estimated time of arrival on the screen.

The new Parking Assistance feature automatically shows a list of parking spaces when you are within 1km of your destination,  this way you don't have to search for a nearby car park as the Mio Combo 5107 LM will already have done the work for you.

Mio lane guidance ensures or advises to that you're always in the correct lane to make a turn on approaching a junction. The Spirit software also features realistic 3D Junction Views which match major roadside display signs, giving you more time to understand what's ahead as you approach an exit or intersection - extremely handy when surrounded by traffic and snap judgements have to be made.

Whats in the box?

Mio Combo 5107 LM
8GB Micro SD Card
USB Cable, Car Lighter Socket Connector and Lead to supply power.
Windscreen Mounting Bracket
Software DVD

Price includes the delivery and 12 months warranty.

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