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This model (The LK9750 DUO PRO) is the very latest upgrade to the LK 9700 - with new Sony Sensors and FULL 1080p both front (30fps) and 1080p rear (24fps) - this summarises the difference between the 9700 (old version) and the 9750 (new version)
More details of the new model are below.  Now in 2016 with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY!

Lukas LK - 9750 Duo Pro Car Dash Cam
Lukas LK 9750 Car Camera with Front and Rear Recording

Shown above - the gold ring around the LK 9750 lens identifies the latest Lukas camera from the earlier version (known as the LK 9700) which had the silver ring.

Features of the Lukas LK 9750 Duo Professional

Rear Mounted Car Camera

Glonass + GPS
LED camera status


The LUKAS LK 9750 Duo Professional

the very latest in car camera technology from Lukas, available with 2 channel recording and built-in LCD viewing screen, also comes with GPS as standard and the Sony IMX322 sensor for some of the clearest video available.

The LUKAS LK-9750 DUO Professional is outstanding class technology within the car camera market, incorporating the top specification SONY IMX322 pixel Full TRUE HD image sensor.  The unit produces some of the finest quality video available from a windscreen mounted camera - even when lighting conditions leave a lot to be desired.

Scroll down to read more about the stunning range of features this camera has to offer.

Sony Exmor Sensor

Unusually, and just one of the main features which makes this camera stand out from the crowd, is its compatibility with some of the largest micro SD and standard SD cards available. 

Typically a car camera will accept cards upto the 64GB capacity - however this camera not only accepts cards upto 256GB in size, but it takes TWO of them aswell - catering for a combined card storage total of an incredible half a Terrabyte (512GB).

In order to retain a superior level of video quality, the camera uses a very low rate of compression in order to minimise data loss.  This results in larger than typical files which take up more storage space.  Even with this in mind, with a 64GB memory card, the camera will record and store around 10+ hours of the front and rear view footage before cycling begins to reclaim the memory.

Please contact us for memory cards above 64GB

More features of the Lukas LK 9750


Voice Guidance - information about the current status of the camera is displayed on the rear screen and some conditions are related to the user audibly - know what the LK 9750 is doing without even looking.


8 Languages (Including English) are supported on the voice guidance system.


Automatic Exposure - where the light coming into the camera is too bright or too dark, the camera adjusts its exposure setting in realtime to compensate to provide the best image possible.


Rear Camera - the slimline LK 9750 rear mounted camera unit is compact and therefore discreet.  At only 5cm long and 2.6cm wide it is one of the smallest cameras available and can easily be mounted in a variety of convenient locations.


The high powered and rapid response GPS + Glonass hardware is built-in - giving realtime GPS data which is recorded alongside the video to be used on the Lukas Player in conjunction with Google maps (a home or office internet connection is required for this).


To avoid battery failures the Lukas LK 9750 has a super capacitor built in.  This provides power in order to close down the camera in the correct boot down sequence, saving any valuable data to memory after the power supply has been cut.


Even though the camera can operate in a car within a temperature range of an impressive -20 degrees c to +70 degrees c, a sensor has been built in so that the camera is shut down automatically in the eventuality that the temerature should exceed this range in either direction.


The owner can optionally set a bright lightening blue LED to be switched on or off on the cameras, this is ideal for warning other road users that they are being recorded - accident prevention is always better than insurance resolution!

Two Channel

Lukas 9750 Duo Front and Rear Camera Cover.

The Dual camera system comes with both front and rear cameras - these are connected together with the cable provided, and no separate power lead is required for the rear camera as it is powered by the front camera.  Both cameras are activated when the ignition is switched on (under normal modes of operation).

With many dual camera sytems, the norm is to provide a lower resolution for the rearview unit than that provided on the front - this camera breaks from that standard, the rear camera records at an exceptionally high 1080p HD (24fps) with the front main camera creating full 1080p HD videos at 30fps - creating smooth clear video from both devices.

Videos are viewed via Lukas player software,  provided with the package, both videos (front and rear) are shown in sychronization on the screen at the same time.  (See Below Left)

Technical Information for the Lukas LK 9750 Duo.

Playback video

Above - a screenshot of the Lukas 9750 Duo Player for Windows PC and Mac.

Camera Type

Front : Full 1080p HD - 2.1M effective pixels - Sony IMX322 Sensor.
Rear : Full 1080p HD - 2.1M effective pixels - Sony IMX322 Sensor.

Lens View Angle

Front :Diagonal 135 degrees, effective H107 - V55
Back :Diagonal 130 degrees, effective H105 - V54

Frames and Pixels

Front :1920x1080p full HD at 30 frames per second
Back :1920x1080p full HD at 24 frames per second

LCD Display

Resolution 800x480 3.97inches touch screen


H.264 in AVI High Codec Profile

Gravity Sensing

3 axis impact sensor


Dual Band GPS + Glonass


SD : SDHC or SDXC from 8GB to 256GB
MicroSD : SDHC or SDXC from 8GB to 256GB
(Comes with 16GB Main and 8GB events as standard)


Personal media player or Lukas multi-video viewer with mapping


Speaker and Microphone are built in.


DC 10V ~ 24V - Consumption 360mA (13.4v), 4.8W


Variable (by owner) time and voltage

Operation Conditions

Operating -20 degrees c to +70 degrees c : Storage -30 degrees c to +80 degrees c


See diagram below. (F 110x103x37 mm) (F 50x26x3 mm)

Packaged with the camera - includes software.

Packaged with your order

Front and Rear Dimensions and Weights of the Lukas LK9750 Car Camera.

Lukas LK 9750 Size and Dimensions

LUKAS LK9750 Reviews.


I can't praise this enough - I have offered that Mark, the owner, can tell people to come to my house for a demo if he wants!  The service is second to none and the product is second to none.  The after sales support is excellent with my questions answered immediately by phone.  Highly recommended company AND camera.   (Thanks George!! - CCW)







Sebastian G

To be honest, a bit difficult (hence four stars) to get the hang of as it is a complex device.  Once I got used to the touch screen it was ok.  Guess it was just the menus and being unfamiliar with them.  Running and the videos are stunning - best I have seen (and ive seen a lot of car cameras).  Memory can be a bit pricey but it will come down so I am holding out.  Can't fault it and the back camera either as the picture quality is pin sharp.  Now this is an expensive purchase for me, but you get what you pay for and in this camera you certainly do.  Happy with the service aswell.  Thanks.








Order the Lukas LK 9750 Duo Pro (READY TO DRIVE) below

Please enter your telephone number on the following order page incase the courier needs to make contact.

Same day dispatch if ordered before 3PM - Next Day Delivery.

Our Lukas LK 9750 Package Includes
Front and Rear Camera
Car Cigarette Power and Front/Rear Cam Connector Cables
Hardwire Power Cable
16gb Main Memory + 8gb Events Memory (with PC adaptor)
CPL Filter, UV Filter
PC and MAC Software
Sticky Pads and Windscreen Brackets
User Manual
1 Year Warranty
for 349.99 + extra memory if required.

Memory is costed in the selection box on the left as follows and has been pre-calculated in the selections for ease of use.
32GB Main Card - 34.99
32GB Events Card - 34.99
64GB Main Card - 65.99
64GB Events Card - 65.99

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