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The Carpa 120 - Dual Lens In Car Camera Recorder.

Carpa 120 Car Camera Photograph
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Click above to play the video showing the software package which comes with the Carpa 120.  Out Of Stock

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CarCamWarehouse is proud to introduce the Carpa 120 dual lens in car camera.  Read below to learn about its potential uses and the array of features which have been incorporated into this model.

Why Choose a Two Lens Camera?

With two lenses, the camera can create video of events both inside and outside the vehicle. 

This is useful for driving instructors wishing to record their students actions as they perform (and importantly - do not perform) their tasks, such as checking the mirror in the required instances.  The tutor can clearly and easily demonstrate to the student that certain tasks are not being performed as they should be - when the student actually believes they are.

Another popular requirement of the twin lens camera is that of haulage companies and security firms.  Recording the driver during the working hours can prove that the driver was or was not at fault in the event of a road traffic incident.  The video evidence is virtually indisputable.  One example is where the driver is accused of falling asleep at the wheel, if this is the case, then the footage will show what happened and proceedings may follow.  Equally - the driver may be exonerated of the the accusation as a direct result of the footage from inside the car / vehicle.

Parents allowing their teenagers to drive their cars out on the roads for the first few weeks or months following them passing a driving test will find the dual lens car camera invaluable.  Provding the camera as a proviso for allowing the new young driver to use the car is an excellent deterrent for poor driving behaviour and exhibiting road rage whilst sitting at the steering wheel.  Should the new driver be unwilling to participate in the idea of using the car camera to record their activities - then this would often indicate a desire to be overly confident and possibly even dangerous on the road.

Dual Lens CARPA 120 Car Camera Features.

Camera :-
Front (Outward)  Facing - 1.5 MP Digital CMOS
Inside (Inward) Facing 1.5 MP Digital CMOS

Video Resolution 640 x 480

Front Facing Lens Angle of View - 120
Inside Facing Lens Angle of View - 140

SDHC Memory - Upto 32GB (Class 10 Recommended)

Recording Frame Rate of  30 fps

GPS Internal Smart GPS

G-SHOCK SENSOR 3D G-sensor(X,Y,Z) 5 level sensitive

Motion Detection

Power Consumption  250mA / 2.5W | DC12V ~ DC24V

Camera Dimensions 108(Length) x 124(Width) x 25(Height) / mm

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