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Driving Instructors - let your students advertise for you - with social media and your in car camera.

Driving Instructors students share videos.

The car camera isn't just for recording accidents or other potential road hazards.  Driving Instructors are already reaping the incredible training and marketing benefits of utilising a camera whilst out on the road - with or without a student present.

Don't forget - a video placed on YouTube containing YOUR company name and contact information could be seen by THOUSANDS of potential customers - for FREE!

The Driving Tuition Industry can now DIRECTLY benefit from the explosion of social media and video file sharing.  Instructors using the in car dash camera can present their students with a video momento of their first ever driving lesson,  or whichever they prefer, which can then be uploaded to the internet and shared amongst their friends - and beyond.

How It Works.

1. You record a lesson for your student (with permission).
2. You place your company name on the video (takes two minutes)
3. You give or sell the video to the student.
4. They will eagerly upload to YouTube and then Share it on Facebook and show it to their friends and family.  You could be seen by HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of potential customers INSTANTLY.
5. Everyone watching the video sees YOUR company name and contact information.

Anyone seeing the video will be MORE THAN tempted to try your company if they are looking for tuition - knowing they will be getting their own momento of their training to share with their friends..........  and so it repeats.........

It Doesn't Stop There!

Instructors are already using the cameras to produce "how to" videos of some of the more difficult encounters which the new driver may experience.  These include large roundabouts with multiple lanes, complex junctions, one way systems and even parking maneuvers.  The videos can again be placed for free on and viewed at home by the student before a lesson or when relevant to the course.

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