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Our 100% free Car Camera Video Editing Service.

Here at, we understand that not every car driver is also a time served computer software / video editing expert!  With this in mind, in the unfortunate event of an accident, we can offer video editing and preparation services for our customers if required - forever!

Why you may need this?

a) From time to time, video files may become currupt through no fault of your own, this may be down to the age of the card, storage conditions, general card quality or mistakes made when clearing a memory card of old unwanted footage.  We can help in most cases.

b) You may not wish to show an insurance company the entire contents of your car cameras memory card.  This can be for a variety of reasons which can include, but is by no means limited to any of the following :-

    i) You may have made a mistake whilst driving, which, whilst not important or illegal, you would prefer the insurance company not to see.
    ii) You may have had an important confidential conversation in the car which has been recorded which you wish to remain private.
    iii) You could have visited a location for personal reasons, and you require that this destination is kept to yourself.

c) Your insurance company may require the video is presented to them in a particular way and you do not have the software to create the correct format.

What we can do.

If your files are unreadable on the memory card, or if they are readable but cannot be played, we are often able to correct any problems and re-build the data so that the files can be played back clearly.

If you wish to maintain your privacy in cases such as those described in section b) above, then we can edit the video, and create a sample clip which contains ONLY the details of the incident which are required as evidence by the police or insurance company.  The rest of the contents of your car camera video card can be retained by yourself and filed away or disposed of in your own usual manner.

If your insurance company requires a particular format of video, and your car camera produces something different - then we can convert almost all widely used formats into the required format - enabling your insurance company to perform their tasks on their own standard operating platform.

Car Camera Video Recovery Case Study.

Our customer presented us with a memory card which contained a large 2.6 GigaByte video of his night time drive to work.  This journey was around 40 miles and the camera was configured to stop recording (no looping) once the card became full.  This was the owners personal preference.

When the customer tried to play it back on the PC, an error message was displayed and the file could not be viewed.  Although the reason for the corruption was not identifiable, we were able to take the video from the card and execute a rebuild function on the entire 2.6 GigaByte file and replace missing data which was causing the file to be non-viewable.

Following this, we removed 35 miles of footage which was completely irrelevant to the incident and created a short video containing the footage from the camera taken 2 minutes before the incident, the actual incident itself which was a crash, and 2 minutes after the event.  A copy of the entire 40 minute or so video was taken and returned to the customer along with the prepared short clip.

Without this footage the camera owner may have been accused of being the cause of the accident, as the insurance company of the other driver was lagging in their decision to admit liability and there were no witnesses.

The service was provided 100% free, took less than 10 hours to complete, and our customer is extremely relieved and pleased with the result.

Please note that this service is exclusive ONLY to customers of - and takes immediate effect upon purchase of a car camera recording device from us - a quick call to us is all you need to do to get your video preparation/recovery underway should you need it!