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BlackVue DR500GW HD

BlackVue DR500GW HD Kit.
BlackVue DR500HD H264 Video
Inside the box - the DR500GW Kit

The complete kit - ready to install and use with no additional components required.

The stunning BlackVue DR500GW HD car camera is the latest (as of June 2013) piece of high tech kit from the leading brand manufacturer "BlackVue".

Every feature available across the entire range of car cameras is incorporated into this powerful single unit, including GPS, Shock Sensors, Wifi, Full 1080p HD, Parking Mode - the list is endless.

With a DR500GW HD installed - peace of mind and driving security are assured.  Whether you are a daily commuter to work or a HGV long distance lorry driver, the DR500GW will the job which is required of it - then again - so would
this popular camera..

We are often asked specifically about the Wifi and exactly what it does and how does it work.  In summary, the camera comes with no screen - not many do - but if a camera incorporates Wifi, then the memory card can be accessed by a Smartphone running the Android operating system.  This means that the owner can view videos whilst still inside the vehicle, showing them to the Police at the scene of an incident is extremely useful, but on a lesser scale, the user can view the video and re-align the camera if necessary to confirm that it is capturing at the correct angle - ensuring that as little of the sky as possible is recording on the video (for best picture performance).

The duration of video and data which a cameras memory can hold is dependant on two main factors - firstly and primarily, the size of the memory card installed.  Naturally, the larger the memory card, the more footage can be held.  Secondly, the type of video compression the camera uses to encode the video before saving it to memory is also a major factor.  H264 is a widely used format which reduces the data with minimal loss of quality to a very small size.  The table on the left shows in detail how much (in minutes) video can be stored at any given point in time, along with the various parameters which contribute to that level of storage.

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