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Get your In Car Camera DVR from for recording car journeys and to provide digital video accident evidence. Trusted Site


ITN News - November 2014 - Reports that car Crash for Cash Scams are still on the increase in the UK.  Cars are without any doubt a serious asset to the owner - protect them along with your no claims bonus by installing a camera or cameras.  In addition to added peace of mind, the camera could be paid for by taking advantage of car insurance discounts essentially meaning the camera is free!

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Car Camera Reviews

"Your service is nothing short of legendary!" - Marie - Sussex.

"If I need another car camera recorder I know where to come" - Mike - Manchester

"I placed my order for a HD car camera on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday!" - Steven - Hull

"My wife takes her camera out everywhere she drives now." - Luke - Sheffield

"Great customer service - questions answered over the phone" - Mark - Stoke

"The k2000 car cameras are a must have gadget for any driver." - Andy W - Birmingham.

Our list continues to grow - these are just some of our customer comments from our online camera store.

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Buy your Car Camera online here at the CarCamWarehouse and trust the experts.  The car dash or windscreen camera can be used in any model of car, lorry or other road vehicle to record your journey in real-time.  Car camera technology is so advanced now that cameras costing 500 plus only a few years ago are now selling at a fraction of that price.  We are a trusted retailer with over 15 years online presence and an outstanding reputation for 1st class service.

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Free Shipping on all Car Camera orders.  Orders are sent 1st class royal mail post on the day of the order before 3pm.  Cameras ordered after 3pm will be dispatched the next working day.

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Old Models

1080p HD F210


The latest model from BlackVue - the DR550GW 2CH - two cameras covering the front and the rear of the vehicle - all round coverage in a single high powered package.

X3000 In Car Camera with Two Lenses

Dual lens car camera - the X3000 includes a built in viewer and is ideal for recording both inside the car (driver and passenger) and the road ahead.

The FineVu CR300 is the lower priced digital car camera in the FineVu range.  Even with this in mind, it produces exceptional quality video and has the option to upgrade as required.

DOD LS330W AND LS430W cameras

DOD provide the LS330W, LS430W and LS460W car dvr cameras with clear video and the unique HUD showing driver information as the journey continues - click above to read more....

Mi Witness Dash Cam

The compact and stylish MI Witness car camera with optional rear view camera.  Takes superb high quality videos in 1280 x 720 HD.  GPS is included as standard.

HP F800G

The stunning HP F800G car camera from Hewlett Packard incorporates GPS built into the cameras main unit and comes with a host of new technology/warning systems - top rated equipment at a low price.

RX7W+ Car Camera

The RX7W+ car camera has the benefit of being able to be fixed to the mirror.  The camera takes up no space on the windscreen.

View the Vicovation range of dash cameras.

Dash Cameras from Vicovation include some of the latest available technology such as Wifi, 1296p Extreme HD and cloud server upload with one press of a button.

The BlackVue DR500GW includes all the standard features you would expect from a BlackVue car camera, with the added bonus of wifi for connecting to your smartphone.

HP F310 Car Dash Camera.
Lukas Car Camera.

The Lukas LK 9750 front/rear camera kit is ideal for general driving and filming - but also of a high enough standard for commercial usage including driving tuition recording. 

RoadHawk HD Car Camera

Click Above to read the specification of the new HD model in car camera / black box system from Roadhawk.  The latest addition to the range from this well known manufacturer.

1080p Car DVR Camera.

This car camera is highly acclaimed across the internet and was seen on Techmoan recently - and received nothing short of rave reviews.  Excellent 1080p video and optional GPS - an extremely small camera.

Car Camera FAQ.

Q.  What is the GPS used for on a car camera?
A.  Unlike a satnav, the GPS on an in car video camera is not for navigation.  Instead, it is used to record your co-ordinates, and then, when the dash cams video is played back on a PC, a map is also displayed showing where abouts your car is at any point on the video.

Q.  How do I connect the car camera to the cars electrical system?
A.  Each camera is connected to the cars cigarette lighter socket, or hardwired.  This means that as the ignition is switched on, the camera comes on and starts recording.  The camera itself is fixed to the windscreen using a suction mount or a bracket stuck firmly in place with a sticky pad.  Car cameras can be removed and re-fitted as required - for example you may not want to leave it on show whilst parked.

Q.  Is a car camera legal in the UK?
A.  Yes, not only are they legal, but the evidence recorded on car dash camera memory can be used in a court of law.

Q.  Do I need a computer to play the cameras video?
A.  Yes.  A PC is required to view the videos and integrate the maps.  However, some of the newer in car camera dvr recorder models have wifi, and this allows playback on an Android compatible Smartphone.  This allows you to see the video camera recording whilst still in the vehicle.

Q.  Can I install more than one car camera?
A.  Yes, you can install multiple car cameras to suit your needs.  Some people have one at the front, and a car camera mount at the back to record events where the incident occurs from behind.  You may need to purchase a socket splitter to accommodate both cameras, some systems incorporate auto two channel videoing - whereby a slave camera is connected to the main unit.

Q.  How long do the cameras record for?
A.  Most cameras will record for around Six minutes per GB of memory installed.  Some will record for double this.  See the individal page for the exact detail.  With loop recording switched on, the camera will record indefinately by deleting older video when the memory runs low which makes them an ideal car security camera.

Q.  Which is the best in car camera?
A.  This depends on what is required by the cars owner.  The range is wide enough to allow any individual to choose a camera which suits their needs best.  For example, if you do not see a particular use for GPS, then there are models available which do not incorporate this facility.  If two lenses would be of use, (for example a driving instructor would need this) then the dual lens versions would be suitable.

Up and Coming - The Mini 0806

Mini 0806 Car Camera News

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Compatible.  Any version of the Mac Operating system which is able to play back .AVI videos and display JPG photos and has a USB 2 connection can also be used with our car DVR cameras, the exceptions are for car cameras with their own playback software - in this instance each separate webpage will have information on compatibility.

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